with the Heartland of America Community Choir & Orchestra

Welcome to the
Heartland of America Community Choir & Orchestra

The Heartland of America Community Choir & Orchestra Organization (HACCO} was founded for the primary purpose of teaching and encouraging excellence in quality sacred, classical and other genres of music.  Its primary purpose is to share a more refined music education and performance in our communities and online with a focus on Home, Family, God, and Country.

HACCO provides an invaluable learning environment whereby children, youth and adults may associate with and develop talents among those who maintain upstanding values, while instilling in its participants a deep love for inspiring, beautiful music.

Because He Lives
We can Face Tomorrow
2023 Easter Program
The Blessings of Easter
Healing Power of Gratitude
Thanksgiving Hymn Sing.
November 2023
Celebrating Our
God-given Freedom
September 2022
Living the Gospel Is Fun
Uplifting Music and Messages
for the Home & Family. 
August 2022 YouTube Video
For Unto Us a
Child is Born
2022 Christmas Hymn Sing. 
All ages participating
      Joyfully Living
in the Light
Even in the trials of life,
there is great joy awaiting all of us.